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Sunday, February 27, 2000

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Indian Art Fair

My computer is gone. It messed up again. I reinstalled windows (many hours) and it would not install correctly and what little did work messed up if I tried installing any of the programs I used. I finally went out this afternoon and got a new computer. My monitor is fine and I'm even still using my mouse and keyboard, but I have a new computer. Yeah!

I thought about it all morning as I was helping at the Arizona State Museum Southwest Indian Art Show. I was an artist helper but the row I was helping were quite self sufficient so I spent most of my time browsing and thinking about my computer.

There was some beautiful art at the show. This isn't the largest Indian art show but it is one of the best. I wasn't going to pay the prices they ask, even though they are more than justified considering the work that goes into their pieces. They also had some singers and dancers and great food. They started cooking early and I was hungry just smelling it long before I needed to eat.

After the art show I went to buy my computer. I'm just so tired of spending so much time reinstalling everything, again and again. I figured that I would rather live on cheese and crackers than go through the stress of my computer crashing all the time. It's my lifeline to the world and while I don't need fancy stuff for games or videos, etc., it's nice to have a decent computer to work with.

I've spent all evening reinstalling all my programs and I am very tired of being asked to register stuff. Most of it I just cancel as most are programs I've already registered, and the rest are freebies that I don't want to register. I'm so happy that I can synchronize my organizer from home now and next I'm checking to see if my scanner works. I wish I didn't have to spend the money but I figure the hassle I don't have will make up for it.

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