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Saturday, February 26, 2000

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Peace Fair

This morning I was watching a beautiful homes show and just I wanted a beautiful home like that so much, but I knew that I never would. Not only do they cost a fortune but they need an army of servants to take care of them. Unless we have a major depression and crash we will never, in this country, have the mass of cheap labor that is necessary to keep up huge, beautiful homes. There are still some countries that you can do this in, but they aren't places I would want to live.

Period movies are full of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes and living in beautiful houses and castles, but we aren't shown the army of servants and slaves that kept this type of life going. Even in the "democratic" Greek cities the vast majority of the inhabitants were slaves that took care of the citizens.

I found some shoes for the wedding. I finally settled on some clogs. They are low heel clogs and my feet are more comfortable in them as I don't feel so constrained and the toe box is high enough. I feel like I'm about to walk out of them but I don't so we'll see. I like how they look.

I went by the annual Peace Fair today. There was everyone there again from hemp people to vegetarians to Amnesty to free this person or those people. It's a rather nice, relaxed affair with alternative music on the outdoor amphitheatre. Barefoot kids are running around and there are dozens of tshirts to buy touting all the different groups and causes. After picking up brochures at the booths and signing various petitions, I sat on the grass, enjoying the sun, listening to the music and eating lunch. It was very nice.

I'm glad they are all out working for justice and peace but it's hard for me to know which causes are really valid or just, or more valid and more just. I'm sure they all mean well but a person can't support everything and I don't want to. Some causes I don't like and/or agree with and others I don't know enough about the decide. Even the best can be a bit too much all or nothing for me.

Leaving the fair I walked past a small wash north of Reid Park. It was so beautiful with a cover of golden palo verde needles. I looked down it and felt like I could walk into another world with golden leaves.

I went by the food coop to pickup a couple things. I keep going back even though I get irritated by earnest people. It's fun to look through the interesting food they have. I picked up just a few things then took the bus back home. I feel like it's been a good day. I still need to pick up some odds and ends for the trip but I'm doing pretty good.

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Walked - several miles

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