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Friday, February 25, 2000

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I had a wonderful walk to work this morning. It was much cooler than usual and quite nippy, for southern Arizona. The sky was just starting to lighten to the east into a clear dark blue with the morning star hanging there to my left. I felt so good when I got to work. This is the kind of walking I really enjoy, when it's just cold enough to keep me moving but not cold enough to make my toes cold.

My kids have been so sweet about Mom. She's still hanging on so it could be quite a while, she could even pull through. I don't know what I think about that. I dislike euthanasia but she seems to be so lost inside herself. Once in a while, though, she'll look at me and try to talk and it's like she's still there, somewhere.

I think I finished, or at least got working, our databases. They start being used on Monday but Tuesday is my last day before vacation so I hope nothing bombs. I just keep thinking of new things to do with them.

I gave blood today and only a couple donors were there besides me. Very quiet compared to the last couple of times. I was a little nervous because of starting to bleed after I went into the juice and cookies room the last time, but this time there were no problems . I got another cool tshirt. I have so many blood donor tshirts, but I still enjoy getting another one. It would be nice if they tried something besides tshirts, though.

I finally broke down and bought a graphics program and then spent half the afternoon and all evening downloading it. It takes about three hours with my modem and the first time it didn't do right and I couldn't extract it. Finally I got it. It'll be nice to not get to tacky reminders or have to download the demo every month.

I finished a novel today "The Evolution of Jane" by Cathleen Schine. It was good story about how the main character interweaves thoughts about a broken friendship with evolution, Darwin, and a trip to the Galapagos. I thought the characters were very interesting because they were human and real, not just full of angst and/or high thoughts. The setting switched back and forth between the New England town where Jane grew up and the trip to the Galapagos, adding interest to the book.

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