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Thursday, February 17, 2000

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I really don't like going to meetings. I'm not talking about business meetings or such, but about meetings in my personal life. There are so many times I read about an interesting lecture and plan to go and just never do. It's so easy to come up with an excuse. I go to the archaeology meetings more than any just because I find them so interesting.

It would probably be a little better if I had a car, but even when I had a car I managed to not go to very many even when I found the subject interesting. I keep trying to go but it's so hard for me. I want to just go home after work and stay there.

When it's a meeting to actually do somethings such as an activist meeting I descend into total boredom as I don't handle the negotiations and discussions that are always involved. I feel bad about this as I know someone needs to do the work in order for things to change and get better but I feel like there is always something more important that I need to do, which there really isn't but I'm a pro at seizing a flimsy excuse.

I do have to say in my defense that I keep trying. I always have quite a few meetings on my schedule that I plan to go to, I just rarely make it. I don't know how much of it is inertia, how much is sheer laziness and how much is a preference for my own company. I do know that I have always preferred a more unplanned social life.

I remember fondly sitting in a cafe for hours drinking coffee with friends but that went when I got married, had kids, got divorced and had no money or time. Now it's very hard to casually get together with people since everyone is always so busy and scheduled. Meetings are probably the best way to meet people nowadays. I do know that one thing I miss about church is the casual get togethers after church or during, for those of us who preferred to continue the coffee get together than go to the service.

This is much the same as enjoying just walking around cities rather than having a hectic travel schedule. I sight see in a strange town just to give myself a destination, but I enjoy getting there as much as the sight seeing.

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