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Tuesday, February 15, 2000

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Getting a life?

I've been shuttling between two computers today trying to get one of our databases to work on MS Access 2000, which I don't have on my computer yet, so I feel like I've walked several miles just moving between the two cubicles. I am really fed up with this. I feel like I can't seem to settle down.

I volunteered to help at the Indian Arts Fair in a couple weeks so I went to a volunteer meeting today. This is part of my plan to get a life. Sometimes it can be a pain though but once I'm doing something I usually enjoy it. It's just getting off my butt and getting out of the house that is the hard part.

It was so beautiful at 5:00 that I walked home, as well as walking to work. Just a gorgeous day. It's nice that it stays light long enough to do that. I always feel better when I get more sun. I dream of living in a place like San Francisco that is foggy and misty but I don't know if it would get on my nerves after a while. I've always had good weather when I've visited San Francisco so I don't know.

I can remember when I was a child I always loved the fog and mist. It was like walking in mystery. What am I doing in the desert?

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Walked - 6 miles

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