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Monday, February 14, 2000

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Valentine's Day and Campaign Reform

Ok, is it with or without the apostrophe, Valentines or Valentine's? I've been thinking of it at a plural as in many valentines but it's really a possessive as in the day that belongs to St. Valentine.

My daughter sent a gorgeous rose bouquet. She's so sweet and I'm lucky to have her as a daughter. I am also lucky to have someone that I can love so much. I must have done something right to have two kids that are so great.

We had our usual potluck at work today, which means too much food; too much rich, high caloric food. It was so good, but I need to buckle down to losing weight now. I don't like the way I look and want to get rid of my paunch.

I'm having a terrible time keeping interested in the presidential race. I always enjoyed it before but not one of the candidates, in any of the parties seem to catch my interest. I do think I'm leaning more liberal, mainly because of environmental issues. It's rough since I'm still strongly pro-life. It's just rough being a pro-life, pro-environmental atheist who is against the death penalty and euthanasia. It's hard to find people to talk to.

Right now Gore and Bradley are way too left on social issues and Bush and McCain just keep muttering about taxes and campaign reform. I have a problem with campaign reform as most of the proposals take away people's freedom to support whoever they want. It's not like one party get's more special interest money over the other anyway.

The rhetoric about making it easier for new people to get in doesn't impress me either. I've always liked the idea of making people work for the privilege of getting to spend our tax money. Besides all you have to do is look at Forbes to realize that having money isn't everything. It is far from everything.

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