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Sunday, February 13, 2000

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Valentines Eve

I can't say that I'm thrilled about Valentines Day. In grade school I never got cards from the guys that I wanted to get them from. In fact, I got very few at all. This was before kids had to bring cards for everyone and Valentines Day was a very humiliating time for most of us.

My ex gave me flowers on the first Valentines Day we were together and, then we got married, and I never again got anything again. This did not give me good vibes about Valentines Day. Since then there have been few VDs (initials are rather a bad pun) where I've had anyone to give me anything, except my kids. They used to make me some great ones when they were in school.

Tomorrow we're having a Valentine's Day potluck which means great food and we have Valentine exchanges. What most of us do is just bring candy since you don't have to write anything that way. I remember helping my kids write every kid in their class's names. I still love love but Valentine's Day is overrated. It's a "should" day too often.

I found an outfit to wear to the wedding, on sale, no less. I am so proud of myself. I still need shoes and couldn't find anything. I may end up wearing Tevas and wool socks. Oh, well, it will be cold in Nebraska and I will probably need something besides delicate little cute shoes anyway.

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Biked - 2 miles
Walked - 1 mile

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