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Saturday, February 12, 2000

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Errands and the library

I woke up a little stiff today and with a few bruises. Yesterday my father and I went to get a storage cabinet at Walmart. It took two guys to squeeze it in Dad's car and then a bit of work to get it out. My father nearly got whacked. I had to open the box and carry it up a piece at a time.

The hardest part for me is putting it together as my hands get sore and tired from screwing all the screws. It is a nice cabinet and I can put a lot of my junk in it, but I was exhausted by the time I got it done.

My foot air pump had lost the attachment that you fasten it to the valve on the tire with. I obviously lack some of the insider vocabulary of bike maintenance. Anyway, I had bought a cheap little pump from Walmart that just doesn't work decently, but this morning I noticed that the little attachment unscrews so I took it off and put it on my foot pump. Voila! It works. I always feel so proud when I figure out how something works.

I found a bunch of tv dinners at the grocery store for only 88 cents each. I, of course, stocked up. I also bought salad stuff. It makes me feel better to eat salad with my tv dinners. I don't think I eat as much when I make a tv dinner as when I cook a meal because I always cook more than is in a tv dinner.

I signed my lease for another year. Another $10.00 a months. They raised it $10.00 last time also. I'm still below anything else I can find, but it is frustrating. It costs so much to move and the deposits, especially with a cat, make it even worse. I don't mind it here, but I do get an itch to move.

I rode up to Target where I looked at a few other storage ideas and bought a couple socks. I love buying socks. Not shoes, just socks. I was looking at something to wear to the wedding but I have not a clue as to what would work. I expect I will need some shoes also. I'm thinking of nice clogs as they cover a lot of situations.

Next to the bookstore where I picked up a few magazines and looked at books. So many books, so little money (or time). Then it was a few miles back to the bakery to get some bread. I stopped at the bakery for lunch. They have not only wonderful bread but make great, huge sandwiches. This is the first time I've had a sandwich. Usually I'm there earlier and get a pastry and coffee. I only ate half the sandwich and brought the rest home for supper. There was a long line the whole time I was there. The place has certainly taken off and is now very popular. Most of the people are just getting bread but it's still hard to get a table. They have good coffee too.

The day had started off gray and cold but by the afternoon the clouds were gone and it was a beautiful day. I didn't want to stay home so I walked over to the library to get a few books. I ended up with half a dozen books, as usual, most of which I will have to take back before I read them. I browsed a couple magazines and read the Florence King column in National Review. I enjoy her writing so much.

I enjoy going to the Woods library on Saturday afternoon as there are always several people sitting in the arm chairs reading. The computer room is usually busy also and there is just a nice cozy bustle about the place. It's a very neighborhood library and there is often someone outside with a petition having to do with the local school, which I know nothing about since my kids are grown and they didn't attend this school district.

I've spent the rest of the day reading a book about George W. Bush. It's very interesting so far and since I do not know who I want to vote for I plan to read books on the other candidates also. It's always interesting to see how people got to where they are.

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Biked - 8 miles

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