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Friday, February 4, 2000

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Webpage Maintenance

I had some new keys made today and feel much better. Friday afternoon is my errands time since I get off work at 11:00, or as soon there after as I can get away. By the time I picked up a few groceries and some bread I looked like a bum with my coat piled on top of everything. A group of bicyclists out for a group ride whipped by me with their nice bikes (no baskets!) and lycra. I never joined any of the bike clubs or went on any of their rides because they always look like they take biking much more seriously than I do.

I've spent most of the afternoon and evening doing maintenance on my webpages. It's so easy to let them go and end up with outdated links and out of date subject matter. It takes a long time since I always get caught up in the webrings, while checking that they work ok, or finding new webrings that would be fun.

Any link page is a minefield of concentration breaking pages. The reason I have the links is because I found them interesting, so going back to them is a real lure. It's fun to see what I wrote a year ago but humbling to find spelling errors and ideas that could use a little adjusting. I don't revise the journal pages as there are too many of them and I feel that once I put up a journal page it stays. The only thing I go back and change is if I find a link that's bad.

Webpages are much worse than writing a book as once a book goes to the printer it's pretty well set. A webpage is constantly needing revising and updating, and is never done. That's part of why it's fun as I can tweak it and change it and mess with it. I can add to or delete from or just plain delete if I get tired of it. It's worse than a kid at expanding to fill too much of my time, but I love it.

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