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Thursday, February 3, 2000

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Lost keys!

I got to work this morning and went to lock up my bike . . . and I didn't have any keys. It's like time stops when things like this happen. I went through my backpack and my pockets and my backpack. Nothing. I started to think back to when I locked my front door. I locked the door and tossed my keys in my bike basket while I messed with my bike helmet.

Ah ha! I left them in my bike basket instead of putting them in my backpack. Bummer, they must have fallen out. I felt so stupid. I was also mad at myself and at the fact that I would be late to work. I couldn't leave my bike there unlocked but I couldn't get back into my apartment to leave my bike there. The apartment office wouldn't open for a couple hours so life was not looking good.

I started retracing my path which was a bit awkward as I was riding the wrong way on the bike lane. I kept having to ride up on the sidewalk when other bikes came toward me. A couple miles back I turned onto a busy street and there they were. What a relief. I was very discouraged at that point and almost rode right by them as I felt like giving up.

I was half an hour late to work but so relieved I didn't care. Keys are such a security symbol. With them we lock out the bad things and protect our possessions and control our territory. I can remember what a lost feeling I always had when I locked my keys in my car. It wasn't just that I couldn't get in my car but that I was locked out of my security blanket.

The rest of the day went down from the thrill of finding my keys. It was a frustrating day at work as there were several problems and I didn't feel like I could concentrate on each one the way I needed to. I kept trying to do two or things at once which doesn't make for the best results.

It was a relief to come home. I've spent the evening getting photos in order to work with and scan. It's always nice to do something where you end up with a nice result and have something to show for your effort.

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