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Wednesday, February 2, 2000

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Dentists and fire alarms

I walked up to the transit center this morning as I had plenty of time before I left for my appointment. The sun was just coming up and the day was beautiful in that fragile, eggshell beauty that makes getting up early worth it all. The birds were out in force along the power lines, occasionally taking off in a flurry of activity. They look so graceful when they fly in coordinated groups, even if it is to just reach another power line.

By eight I was on the bus to go clear across town. Part of the reason I took today off is that since they changed my dentist to one on the other side of town, it takes an hour on the bus to get there and an hour to get back. There's a pleasure in looking at the rush of people going to work and knowing that I don't have to go.

We spend so much of our time waiting to get off work and waiting for vacation and wishing that we could retire. I enjoy my job and I still feel this way. Sometimes I despair at how often I wish my life away, waiting for tomorrow.

I planned to go to the Wilmot Library which is close to where my appointment was but, wouldn't you know, I thought it opened at 9:00 but it didn't open till 10:00. I wandered around the grounds of the hospital for a while and then went into the chapel. It's a beautiful chapel with somewhat abstract stained glass, though they reminded me of clouds or mountains, I'm not sure which. I enjoyed just sitting there looking at the colors that the morning sun made on the walls. Even an atheist can love stained glass.

This deep cleaning is a real pain, literally. It's not enough to get anesthetized but I'm tensed up all the time waiting for the inevitable pricks and pokes of that probe they clean with. In the middle, as I lie there on my back with my mouth open, the fire alarm goes off. Everyone had to get up and start traipsing down the stairs. I can think of situations where that could be a real problem for a dental patient.

Halfway down the stairs, the word came up that it was a false alarm. Some workers had set it off. It kept going off in fits and burps till I left when I heard one of the workers on the phone telling someone that the wires got messed up. That could get very irritating if they didn't get it straightened out soon.

I celebrated three months to my next cleaning (oh, if I had only listened and flossed lo these many years) by stopping at McDonalds and getting a cheeseburger and fries. I sat at the bus stop enjoying junk food and the great weather.

I stopped at Copenhagen to look at their furniture and, while I love their furniture, it's way beyond my means. I love how neat and plain it is. It just looks cool and comforting and secure. We did get a couple dressers from them several years ago. Their bottom line, but it's held up. I don't think they have a bottom line anymore, or it's above my top.

It was nice to have the rest of the day off. I stopped by the library, two actually, and picked up some books. I rode my bike up to the shopping center and shopped for furniture. I have to say that not only does Walmart have what I want, at a price I can afford, but I liked it better than most of the higher priced stuff I looked at.

Somehow fake Spanish, or French or country, just looks pretentious, if you ask me. I was looking for storage and everytime I thought I saw a nice storage cabinet, it turned out to be an entertainment center, disguised as a storage cabinet, or credenza or whatever, with doors that you can shut and pretend that, oh, you never watch television. Oh, no. They are also so large they would take up half my living room. What they reminded me of is buying a huge sports utility vehicle to go to the grocery store.

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