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Tuesday, February 1, 2000

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Another month already. It seems just a very short time ago that it was Christmas. On the way to work this morning I noticed that the edges of the horizon were lighter than they were even earlier this week. The moon was just a bright crescent and the star was lower with the brightness of the horizon setting them off.

I'm looking forward to having a day off tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment but it's only for a deep cleaning so that won't be too bad. I always feel like I am so rushed when I take time off to go to an appointment and then have to make it up. It will be nice to be able to take my time.

I've done some good work revising an access database this week. It's been fun but I do get zoned out and have to pull myself back to do things that I need to keep up with. It's a good feeling to really get into something like that. It helps that it's just hard enough to make me concentrate but not so hard that I get frustrated and give it up. It's fun.

Now I need to get zoned back into reading. I always feel like there are so many other things to do like reading forums, listening to the news, checking out a couple tv shows, and the evening is gone. When I do turn everything off and just read, I really enjoy it but I have to make it a point as concentrating on something is not my strong point, which is why the working with the databases is so much fun.

I used to zone out on books. I can remember feeling light headed when I got up after reading because I was so concentrated on it that I hadn't moved much. I still do that if I just sit and read but I have to turn everything off and have a good block of free time or I start thinking of other things to do.

I have my little electronic organizer now, which I love, and that helps me make a note of something so that I can go on with what I'm doing without having to keep worrying about things. When you don't concentrate well it's great to be able to write something down while you're thinking of it. I've had it over a month now and am finally getting into the habit of actually looking at it to see what needs to be done. It's great for shopping.

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