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Sunday, January 31, 2000

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Income Tax Refunds

I've been trying to decide what to spend my tax refund on. It's only a couple hundred as I have no deductions, in fact, I Telefile. I only claim myself but get back a couple hundred on federal and have to pay $20 or $30 on state, though this year the state came out exactly which is a first.

I always spend it on something I've been wanting but this year I can't really come up with a good idea. My first idea was a sewing machine since I need one for the occasional mending and I have dreams of actually sewing clothes. Not that I would, I've been trying that dream since I was in college. I have spent so much on fabric and made so few clothes.

Now fabric and patterns are so expensive and new clothes are relatively cheap that unless I am going to make something very special, which is my dream, it's not worth it. I suppose if you spend hundreds on designer labels it might save you money, but if you are into designer labels you wouldn't make your own clothes anyway. Since I am designer label challenged (I have no clue if something is a designer outfit or how much it cost) and buy my clothes at Target and Walmart, sewing my own clothes is really a pipe dream.

I can always use it for travel, but it would hardly pay for transportation anywhere, much less lodging. I like to use it for something that I can see and use. One year it was a camera and I've bought computer accessories. I have also gotten camping equipment, clothes and books. It's pretty much what I would end up buying anyway, but I just feel better about it when I use a refund. It's like getting it free. How we deceive ourselves!

Right now the top contender is furniture and other household furnishings. I know, I know. A couple hundred isn't going to buy much furniture, but then I get my furniture at Target and Walmart also so it's not such a strange idea. I'm trying to get my plastic milk crates out of the living room and into the closet, I'd like a little storage in the living area that doesn't look like I just got out of college, or am even still in college.

This was all brought on because I've been trying this weekend to get rid of a little of the clutter in my living area. It would be nice to have something that looks like it belongs in a living room to store things in. One problem with this apartment is that while it has a large closet it doesn't have much additional storage. I've thought about renting a storage bin across the street, but most of the stuff I do need access to. Just being able to get to my files without having to move the file totes on top off, would be nice.

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