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Monday, January 17, 2000

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Exercise and archeology

I went out to get a new bike helmet today as mine is shot and I'm sure wouldn't be too safe. I decided that since I was going to the bike shop I would also get a new bike rack on back, one of those wire ones with baskets on each side. I'm tired of carrying home groceries in a box on my back rack as it's very top heavy and hard to handle.

The bike shop had the baskets but not the helmet so I went to a large sports shop for the helmet. While there I saw those elastic things that you use to exercise, so I bought them for just $19.95. That sure beats a health club membership. It was strange trying on a new helmet since I'm used to my old one, but the strap is held together with a safety pin and the back anchor comes loose whenever I take the helmet off.

I did the exercises on the stretchy thing when I got home and was pooped doing less repetitions than recommended for beginners. That's amazing seeing as how I do get quite a bit of exercise. Today I put 17 miles on my bike just running around but I'm exhausted just pulling that oversized rubber band a few times.

I took all my measurements so I could see if I make any progress. If I lose just inches and no weight it would be nice though I would like to lose both. Now I just have to stay with it and be patient as I know it takes a few weeks before I will see much effect, except sore muscles.

I went the Archeological and Historical Society meeting this evening for a talk on "Must we sacrifice ritual prehistory on an altar of war?" by William Walker. His basic premise was that the burned houses of so many prehistorical sites is not necessarily because of war but because of ritual, much as the present day Navajo destroy a hogan that someone died in. It's an interesting theory as it would alter quite a bit of the accepted ideas of prehistory.

I've very rarely heard a talk at AAHS that I didn't find interesting and usually they are fascinating. I'm going to start going more regularly because I always enjoy it when I do go but am lazy about getting there. I even volunteered for the upcoming Archeology Expo as I want to start participating more in activities instead of just being a spectator.

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Biked - 17 miles

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