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Saturday, January 15, 2000

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Those getting in shape blues

Since I have made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas I now feel like a fat, out of shape slob, which I am. So, I decided that I need to work out. I'm not sure why I get this obsession on occasion, since I've never stuck with it before.

The first idea was to move to an apartment complex with a weight room. I checked out a few of them but it would cost me at least $20.00 additional just for the rent, plus $10.00 rent for my cat. That was for no bigger place than I have now. For a one bedroom I was looking at a minimum of $40.00 additional plus the $10.00 for my cat. For a one bedroom with a balcony, which might be worth moving for, would cost me at least $60.00 additional (+ cat's) each month.

Then there would be at least $400.00 to $500.00 security deposit for me and for my cat. Some of my deposit and most of the cat's is not refundable. I would get my deposit back from where I am living now but it's nowhere near that much and wouldn't be for a couple months. Then about $60 to $70.00 to move my phone and something to change my electricity, etc. On top of that would be a couple hundred, minimum, for the moving van and other incidental expenses.

I decided that much as I would like to move to a new apartment (I get very stir crazy after living in the same place for more than two years), a lot of the moving to a new place wasn't just because I need to get in shape but because I want to move. I love moving, I just hate what it costs. Ok, moving is out. I would rather spend the money on traveling.

Then I decided that I just needed to join a health club. I checked out two of them and couldn't believe how much it cost to get in shape. First a downpayment of $150.00 then $40 to $50 per month. Now after I have paid for three years, the monthly drops quite a bit. Sure and the chances of staying with it for three years are about as good as my paying that much money. They were both nice places but way too much money. I had to sit through little lectures on "how much is your health work" and then I said I would let them know. Yeah right!

I went to the bike store to pick up a new tube since the one I have, and not for very long, is rotten. I think that cycling and walking are what are best for my exercise program. In the process of looking around and checking out places I managed to walk six miles today. That's not bad and much more interesting than walking in place in a health club.

I suppose I could afford to pay $50.00 to $100.00 a month more to move or join a club but I want to travel and that much seems like a lot when I'm trying to figure out how to pay for traveling. Whenever I pay my credit cards and see how much I'm paying in interest I just groan. But, what's done is done and now I have to get them paid off, so, no new apartment, no health club, and cheap travel. I have to do some kind of travel or I'll go crazy.

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Walked - 6 mile

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