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Thursday, January 13, 2000

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A Good Day

I finished a good book today. It's "Noah's Flood" by William Ryan and Walter Pitman. The authors are a couple of marine geologists who start wondering about some anomalies with the Black Sea. Over several years they follow a winding path through geology, archeology and myth to the conclusion that the flood stories all originated in a massive flood when the Aegean Sea, swollen with melting glaciers, flooded into a very dried out Black Sea.

They present a very plausible scenario to support their theory, but they admit that the proof, that people lived around the Black Sea when it was much smaller than now, depends for more conclusive proof on finding ancient cities which would be buried hundreds of feet below the current water level. I found the evidence they did present to be quite good and enjoyed the story of how they became interested in the flood story and their winding way toward their conclusions.

I almost bounced out of bed this morning. It's amazing how not having something hanging over your head, like the sword of Damocles, helps you get up in the morning. Life is good. Well it's good right now. I even paid bills this evening since tomorrow is payday, finally (it's been a long time and Christmas since the last one), and had plenty of money though I wish I could pay off my credit card bills faster.

We're back in the 80s now. This is just not January. We have enough hot weather in the summer, right now we need cool weather. I don't want freezing weather, but I would like a reason to wear sweaters. I've always enjoyed bundling up as long as it's not so cold my toes hurt.

I only work till 11:00 tomorrow and then I'm off for a three day weekend. Life is very good!

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