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Wednesday, January 12, 2000

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Catching my breath

Finally I feel like I'm starting to get my head above water. First of all I've had this undercurrent of worry about my mammograms since I was called back twice for followup xrays. The second call back was this morning and I was worried. I was even more worried after they took the first xray and had me wait and wait and then said I needed to do more. After that I again waited and waited, then the technician said I needed to get dressed and sit in the waiting room till the doctor could see me.

I sat there and waited, trying to read while nervously waiting for the sword to fall. Finally the technician came out and said I could go and was done for a year. They finally had good mammograms and I was ok. What a relief! They are all nice people at the clinic and very friendly but they just won't tell you anything which is very frightening.

I had ridden my bike over and was heading to work when my rear tire went flat. I was a mile from home so I just walked it home and took the bus to work. I am upset with my new tube. It is one of those self-sealing, etc. tubes and I have had nothing but trouble with it. I think I'll just get another tube this weekend and be done with it.

The other worry hanging over me was the 1099 tape but we sent that to Phoenix yesterday and today heard they had received it ok. I'm sure the format is good but will still keep my fingers crossed till we hear for sure. I wish we could just ftp the data like you can with tax info to the IRS, but oh, no, we have to go through the whole rigamarole of putting it on a tape and getting it delivered to the general accounting office in Phoenix.

I now feel like I can get on with the new year. I received a great daily tearoff calendar from Lisa with impressionist paintings. They are so nice. She also sent me this long, transparent scarf that is so cool. She doesn't really do Christmas so we exchange New Year presents, which is nice. I'm not crazy about Christmas myself but I'm not against it either. It really depends on whether the people I am with celebrate it.

Once I got to work I spent much of the day working on a form for another database. That is always relaxing as I tune out the world when I get into something like that. I feel tired but good tonight. I thought last weekend that I might be coming down with the flu but I think it's just that I've been so upset and worried. My head is stopped up but that's just allergies, I think.

Now I need to start planning what I want to do for a vacation this year. I've accumulated about two and one half weeks of vacation so I need to take a nice vacation this year. I'd like to take a long two week bus trip but I'm not sure where to. I would still like to go to Chicago and back with stops to do volkswalks along the way. A trip just through the Ozarks would be great also, or up through the Rockies.

So many places to go and and so little vacation time. What a bummer. I also need to really watch my pennies as I have been spending too much money. So it's taking my lunches, staying out of bookstores and not cruising through the mall for a few months. I'll just have to go on bike rides and hikes and walks. I can handle that. It would have to be late spring for Chicago as I would like warm weather.

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Biked - 2 miles
Walked - 1 mile

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