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Thursday, January 6, 2000

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Politics and children

I will be glad when this week is over. And next week. Deadlines looming and then another mammogram next week. I just want a week of normality, banality and boredom. I want to come into work and do a lot of daily stuff. Yeah right! I'd go crazy with that.

I did get back to walking this morning and it was a good walk. It's dark and deserted all the way to work, three miles, but I don't feel afraid. I guess it's just such a familiar walk that I know where I am all the time. If I need to walk at night in a strange place it is scary since I don't know what's coming up or where to go in an emergency. I do have enough sense to not have my headphones on and I stay alert to what's going on around me.

It was cold, 31 degrees, but by the time I'd walked a few minutes I was already warm enough. I even had to lower my hood a few times to cool off a little. This is great walking weather. Even as early as I walk there are always quite a few people waiting at the temp labor place. This is one of the "work today, paid today" places and there are always people there. Some come by bus and some have nice cars. It must be a tiring way to make your living. Most are men but there are a few women.

I've managed to miss two more presidential debates. From the snippets I've heard on the news programs, I didn't miss much. The most interesting part is watching Bradley get upset with Gore over the same rhetoric that Gore and Clinton have been directing at the Republicans for years. Not interesting enough to watch a whole debate but worth a giggle. I can't even get interested in the Republican debates. I don't really know how I feel about either Bush or McCain, except that McCain is from Arizona so there's a little local interest there.

I am torn by the story of the six year old Cuban boy. I can't really believe that he would have a better life in Cuba and his mother gave her life to give him a better life, but at the same time I don't like taking children away from parents who do care for them and I feel so sad for the father who is in a very tough position. I just hate it when politics hurt children like this.

I made it up to six portions of fruit and vegetables. It's hard to keep eating veggies even though I enjoy them, it's seems like so much. I thought I ate lots of vegetables, but evidently not. I'll keep working on it since I seem to be eating less junk.

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Walked - 3 Miles

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