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Monday, January 3, 2000

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The Y2K Fizzle

Y2K has turned into a series of little annoyances. There was one at work today that was a real pain but not the end of the world. On the news I've heard of other annoyances and irritations and few incidents that were rather funny. Now people are asking if we spent too much. Of course not! If we hadn't spent the money we could be having major problems and we learned quite a bit.

The US is best at this because we do come from a population that probably has a higher percentage of ADD than many countries, which means we put things off to a deadline but when we do it, we do it good. The rest of the world did ok too. We also have a crisis mentality, though I dislike people who profit from fear and from crisis, but we are good at working with a deadline.

Thank goodness for the majority that help keep us in line and make schedules and think ahead and dream up things like daytimers, but when push comes to shove we're nice to have around. We may be weird, but we're handy sometimes. Actually we're all a little weird.

I'm thinking this and then on "Allie McBeal" Allie asks why they don't tell us that we're all weird, all of us, while we're growing up so we won't grow up thinking we are the only ones who are different and thinking there's something wrong with us. It's not that the majority are more sane or more logical or more together, they just are weird in a very boring way so it's not so easy to tell.

We can also relax well, which some call complacency and some call indifference but most of us call just catching our breath. Not that we can relax too much since there are going to be little glitches for a few months but now we can shrug at them, fix them, and go on.

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