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Saturday, January 1, 2000
New Year's Day

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New Years Day 2000

I went on a long walk today along the Rillito. It was beautiful and crisp and everyone was very chipper and friendly as we passed each other. It was nice to welcome the millenium with such a nice day and, I think, we were all glad that nothing had crashed. I walked to the end of the River Walk at La Cholla and then back home with a stop at the bookstore for coffee and books.

My computer did come up with 1980 as the year, but I changed it to 2000, turned it off and on and it seems to be ok. The connection was fast early today but this afternoon it slowed to a crawl. People must be waking up from a late night and, finding out that everything is ok, logging on to welcome the new year. In fact, Yahoo is incredibly slow and even says it's not there so I'm glad I checked my email this morning.

Last night when I put up yesterday's journal page I noticed that Globe had the date of 990101. They are usually half a day ahead of me so I did email them though I'm sure they already knew. I just looked at them on ftp and the date has been changed to 000101. The pages went up ok so it's not a big deal. Sites like the University of Arizona, that shouldn't have much traffic right now, are slow though they do eventually come up.

Now we have to get back everyday life. How we yearn for a crisis to jump start our interest. The dailiness is what drives us crazy. This is what draws people into wacko cults and extreme sports, the desire to feel something or to have someone tell us that we do feel. Ok, extreme sports are slightly more sane than cults, but not much.

At least the people that stocked up on a year of food won't have to shop for a while, but, considering the types of food that can be stocked up on, they are going to get very tired of the food before too long. What do people do who are always stocked up on food? Do they eat the oldest and restock of just throw away the oldest? Can you imagine always eating food that's a few years old?

I'm working on resolutions. So far I have the one I always have:

1. To pay attention to what is rather than dreaming of what could be.

I also have this year:
2. Loose weight. This involves:

    a. Eating smaller portions (remembering that just because it's healthy doesn't mean I have to eat 3 portions).
    b. Eating seven portions of fruits and vegetables each day. I figure if I eat that many veggies, I won't be as hungry for other stuff. I just have to remember that it doesn't work if I pile on the butter or sour cream.
3. Quit spending so much money. I'm still working on how to manage this one!

These should do. If I can do these I'll be in good shape, physically, mentally and financially.

Happy New Year!

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Walked - 8.62 Miles

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